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This is a completely unique, eternal and symbolic gift for your friend or loved one. Fully personalised, this gift combines the magical and timeless beauty of the night sky with a closer look at the awe-inspiring wonder of stars and the universe. You will receive a certificate presented on high quality gloss photo paper with a substantial feel and sheen, as well as a disc containing a selection of 3 outstanding home planetarium and stargazing software solutions. All packages also contain our brand new Name A Star Store supplementary booklet with 7 fascinating double page spreads about stars and the universe.

You will receive:
Beautiful quality Registration Certificate
Your star Information Sheet / Membership Letter
Planetarium Software Compilation CD
A4 poster (close up 3D image of your star)
Stars and the Universe booklet
Name A Star Store gift box

Additionally included on all documentation is your unique Name A Star Store membership number, allowing you to look up your named star online on our unique member’s portal! This is truly a gift that anyone would be ecstatic to receive.


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